Undergraduate Research Conference

I’m giving a brief talk/presentation at the first (soon to be annual) Dublin Undergraduate Research Conference next week. It’s organised by the DRHEA. Details of the talks and presentations on the day are available here, technically it’s too late to register but as they’re trying to promote it I reckon people can still come, application details available at the previous link.

My talk is called ‘Does the truth set you free? Imagination as an enabling and a disabling force in Neil Jordans The Butcher Boy and Jim Sheridans In America’

I’ll be speaking in DCU in the Helix at 10:00am Next Wednesday the 13th, It’s a twenty minute talk with time for questions at the end (and that’s the bit I’m worried about – the questions). I’ll be talking to strangers of all discipline (should be interesting trying to justify this to science students) and I’ve never given a talk like this before so hopefully it goes well. I’ll post details of the content of the talk and how it went etc. on Wednesday evening.

In the meantime, Wish me luck!

My nerves need it…


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